Brain Eaters Font Co. Take I

Back around ’95 after writing and designing a B-Movie Magazine for a few years I became tired of looking for specific genre type styles, so I finally decided to create my own. I drew up some ideas, and started scanning, auto-tracing and fighting the font creation software beast. There’s a hell of a lot of work drawing and creating digital fonts, that one doesn’t realize until one creates one oneself. Display faces take a long time, but a text face with all the kerning, spacing and metrics could take years! I hold high regard for a great type designer.

Originally I chose the name “Hammer Fonts”, because most of the ideas were from seeing old gothic style horror movies. Hammer Film Studios in London in particular, and The TOHO film company of Japan has also been a big inspiration for cool typefaces. Of course I dropped the name “Hammer”, and created the now legendary Brain Eaters Font Company brand name. The name Brain Eaters Font Co. is inspired from the fantastic B&W sci-fi/horror movie from the 50’s entitled “The Brain Eaters”. The premise of the movie is this: Parasites from innerspace attach themselves to the back of the hosts neck and control them to do their evil bidding! Kinda similar to my own personal goal, fonts based on B-Movies, Horror, Sci-Fi, Exploitation and other Trash, the parasites of society!

Please enjoy all the abominations I call typefaces, and of course I welcome all comments. Direct them with your E-Tool to The Brain Eaters Font Company