Watch it Grow!

Spring is in full bloom which can only mean one thing... Watching things grow! And there's nothing more exciting than... Read More

Filmotype Now At Veer!

There's nothing more exciting that for us to see the returning popularity of the amazing Filmotype Library and we couldn't be more... Read More

Honey & Scritchy

Nope, it's not the newest television buddy-cop drama, it's two brand new font releases from our own Filmotype and Sideshow font foundries! Filmotype Honey was released... Read More

Meet Meno!

Since our Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly font first met Ted in 2001, we've been big fans of Tony DiTerlizzi! After finally meeting Tony in person at Comic-Con... Read More

Filmotype by the Letter!

After nearly six years of exhaustive research and countless revisions, we've completed our book about the history of Filmotype. It's called Filmotype:... Read More

Feeling Unwell?

Those krazy kats over at Big Fish Games have us hooked with their latest kooky game called Unwell Mel. Not only is this... Read More

Bolt Out To See It!

After Thanksgiving dinner, we found ourselves craving that annual tradition, leftovers and the late show! We headed out with the... Read More

Six! Ah Ah Ah!

One very typical morning when we were flipping through stations on the television, we stopped in to our old neighborhood... Read More

Toucan Do It!

Illustrator Jerry Tanner sent us a superfun new childrens book he created called You Can Do What A Toucan Can Do... Read More

Scrappin’ Tips!

The fine folks at Creating Keepsakes Magazine wanted to let their readers know that the perfect compliment to a "Road... Read More

Step Right Up!!

We're often asked what we're busy working on when we're not making Font Diner fonts and you'll be surprised to... Read More

It’s Rickles!

Like a little brother tuggin' at your pant leg for another yummy chocolate chip cookie, this playful script will melt... Read More

What is a Filmotype?

Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s)... Read More

You’re Invited!

The Font Diner is pleased to announce in partnership with Mister Retro, the Snappy Hour Invitation Kit! This kit features over 220... Read More

Ten Years Ago

The Font Diner made its debut on the Information Superhighway and we're absolutely humbled and delighted to be able to... Read More


Line up your wild haired troll dolls, warm up yer inker, mark the 'FREE' space, and listen closely to the... Read More

Fleurons of Hope

After last December's Indian Ocean Tsunami, a call went out to the font making community to join together to create... Read More

First Picked!

Shortly after discovering our fonts had made their way to Hollywood, we were content with our brush with fame until... Read More

Hot Dog!

This Summer, our friends at Oscar Mayer wanted you to win a chance to drive the Weinermobile for a day!... Read More

Get Bahama Slim!

Can't wait for Summer? Bust out your suntan oil and dive into a refreshing new FREE Silverware font for your computer! Bahama Slim is... Read More

Pottery Diner?

Recently we've received an outpouring of e-mail from our beloved diners from all over the country. Their keen eye's spotted... Read More

Boo Yah!

That's right kiddos, it's time again to celebrate the sooper spooky month of October with the annual Font Diner Spook-O-Rama!... Read More

Ramsesfuad Rises!

Electrophotasmatically replicated from the "Demon Tomb of the Blood Feast" at night even! This "Type of the Nile" is rendered... Read More

Big Top Fun!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, we invite you to see the most breathtaking spectacle never seen... Read More

Fancy a SHAG?!?

From the swingin' clubs of Las Vegas to the coffee houses of Manhattan, his work has been displayed all over... Read More

Atomic Ad!

If you've recently checked out our favorite retro magazine Atomic, you may have noticed something exciting! Take a look at our very... Read More

HOW Did We Rate?

featured the Font Diner in their "Type: What's new for 2002" article! We were excited to be featured among so... Read More

WOW! That IS Fast!

The Font Diner is pleased to introduce Rocket Shipping! We've gathered the leading scientists from all over the country and... Read More

The Future Has Landed

Our friends at Havana Street have recently released an amazing new collection of great retro clip art called Futurematic. Inspired... Read More

Font Aid II

The Font Diner is proud to have participated in the Font Aid II project and we need your help. This... Read More


That's right, if its time to kick the cooking up a notch and blast your pasta with 6 more cloves... Read More

A Tall Tale

One evenin' by the light of the wagon train campfire we was fixin' to get us some grub. So we... Read More

Recently Spotted

Over the last few months, our fonts have been seen in TV commercials for Cingular wireless (a defective vibrating bed)... Read More

Leggo My Font-O!

One wintery December evening, we were strolling through the grocery store when our eyes caught the frozen food section .... Read More

Ahoy Cap’n

During the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we dropped anchor at our local Old Navy and picked up a... Read More

Looking Good!

After months of scrubbing, cleaning, and tweaking, we're pleased to present to you our updated look! We're updating the site... Read More

Hey Daddio!

Can't get enough of that Font Diner online? How about on the air? NBC has your cure! We were pleased... Read More

Grains of Fun!

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! SOUVENIRS! Our gift to you from South of the Border.

Destination Mazatlan!

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! Come explore with us as we explore Ole' Mexico! But don't take our word for it!

Recently Publish(ed)

Publish Magazine contacted us several months ago to inquire if we'd be interested in being part of industry's most comprehensive... Read More

State Fair Madness

Cheese on a stick! Pickle on a stick! Pronto Pup on a stick! Corn on a stick! Font on a stick?

They Love Us!

The Font Diner is proud to be the Featured Font Foundry of the month at our new friend Carlos' site Read More

The Brain Speaks!

Find out how the Brain Eaters Font Company got its name! Read all about it!

So New?

Welcome to Stu's Font Diner! We've recently redesigned our happy home for the new year. Spend a tender moment with... Read More