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Watch it Grow!

Spring is in full bloom which can only mean one thing... Watching things grow! And there's nothing more exciting than... Read More

Filmotype Now At Veer!

There's nothing more exciting that for us to see the returning popularity of the amazing Filmotype Library and we couldn't be more... Read More

Honey & Scritchy

Nope, it's not the newest television buddy-cop drama, it's two brand new font releases from our own Filmotype and Sideshow font foundries! Filmotype Honey was released... Read More

Filmotype by the Letter!

After nearly six years of exhaustive research and countless revisions, we've completed our book about the history of Filmotype. It's called Filmotype:... Read More

What is a Filmotype?

Originally sold in the 1950s, the Filmotype was a simple manually operated photo typesetting machine (the iMac of the 1950s)... Read More