Re-Introducing Lettering, Inc!

In 1939, a fellow by the name of Edwin Krauter who was a master lettering artist, founded Lettering, Inc with several other prominent lettering artists of the time. At its height in the late 1960s, Lettering, Inc. had as many as 14 franchises operating in the US and Canada and was continually producing new alphabet designs. As technology caught up and eventually replaced photo-set lettering, the amazing alphabets of Lettering, Inc eventually fell out of the mainstream and were otherwise no longer available to designers.

Through research on our book about Filmotype, we were pleased to learn Lettering, Inc was indeed still around although now no longer making fonts was open to the idea of us digitizing this amazing library! We couldn’t be more pleased and honored to have the exclusive rights to revive this amazing library of work and will also chronicle its history throughout the process! Stay tuned for updates as we dig in!

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