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Meet Meno!

Since our Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly font first met Ted in 2001, we've been big fans of Tony DiTerlizzi! After finally meeting Tony in person at Comic-Con... Read More

Feeling Unwell?

Those krazy kats over at Big Fish Games have us hooked with their latest kooky game called Unwell Mel. Not only is this... Read More

Bolt Out To See It!

After Thanksgiving dinner, we found ourselves craving that annual tradition, leftovers and the late show! We headed out with the... Read More

Six! Ah Ah Ah!

One very typical morning when we were flipping through stations on the television, we stopped in to our old neighborhood... Read More

Toucan Do It!

Illustrator Jerry Tanner sent us a superfun new childrens book he created called You Can Do What A Toucan Can Do... Read More

It’s Rickles!

Like a little brother tuggin' at your pant leg for another yummy chocolate chip cookie, this playful script will melt... Read More

Get Bahama Slim!

Can't wait for Summer? Bust out your suntan oil and dive into a refreshing new FREE Silverware font for your computer! Bahama Slim is... Read More

Pottery Diner?

Recently we've received an outpouring of e-mail from our beloved diners from all over the country. Their keen eye's spotted... Read More


That's right, if its time to kick the cooking up a notch and blast your pasta with 6 more cloves... Read More

Ahoy Cap’n

During the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, we dropped anchor at our local Old Navy and picked up a... Read More

Hey Daddio!

Can't get enough of that Font Diner online? How about on the air? NBC has your cure! We were pleased... Read More

Grains of Fun!

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! SOUVENIRS! Our gift to you from South of the Border.

Destination Mazatlan!

Adventure! Thrills! Action! Tacos! Come explore with us as we explore Ole' Mexico! But don't take our word for it!

State Fair Madness

Cheese on a stick! Pickle on a stick! Pronto Pup on a stick! Corn on a stick! Font on a stick?