Like a Fistful of Candy Corns!

Get yer teeth ready for pockets of sugary sweet cavity filled goodness because this years Spook-O-Rama is well underway and sweeter than ever this year with two great new FREE fonts (for a limited time only) AND Brain Eater Brad Nelson comes back from the grave to give us his top 10 list of the spookiest flicks of all time for your Halloween pleasure!

12,000 miles deep in outer space terror has a new name  Spacearella The Queen of Deep Space! She’s the cosmically spookified font formed by alien cargo after it took over the spaceship and unleashed gallons of poisonous Tang and consuming the minds of its crew FIRST!!! (Creepy eh?) See for yourself!

A little closer to Earth nearing Halloween’s eve, the thick evening fog fills your lungs as the moon so terrified hides behind its own shadow on a Halloween night so scary it can only be called Black Night From the darkness our playfully ghastly FREE font is waiting for you! And whatever you do, don’t forget a flashlight!

And finally, we wanted to bring you an extra special little Halloween treat so we asked the king of ‘B-Movie’ horror flicks, our own Brain Eater Brad Nelson to pick the most gory, gruesome, and frightening movies to tickle your brain cells late one evening. You don’t know fear my friends until you’ve seen THIS! (Pretty dramatic eh?)

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