Welcome to Our New & Improved Home!

As the old saying goes, the cobbler’s children have the worst shoes on the block . . . The same is true of font designers and their websites. After all, why would anybody spend time building a new website when they could be making more new fonts?!?!? Amiright?

Way back in 2012 when we set out to create our new Font Diner, we had been cut from the old fabric of web design where everything was designed in Adobe Photoshop, cut up into little pieces then reassembled in state-of-the-art HTML ready for your viewing pleasure! We used to spend hours on creating lovely animated gifs that sparkled gleefully and announced our Font Diner to the world.

As time went on, as it usually does, technology evolved . . . No longer did people build websites for old crappy browsers (each with their own idea of what HTML tags to support) and desktop computers but now mobile devices which have since outnumbered the desktop. And while we love nostalgia, we decided we didn’t want to become part of it just yet although we will always miss our dear old skeumorphic 2010 website.

We spent years understanding what our diners wanted in a site and how to make it sing just as pretty in a mobile environment, on a desktop or a tablet. In many ways it was like designing three websites but as with any challenge, we couldn’t have done it alone.

We have a lot of talented folks to thank to help us bring this fancy new website to you:

Our pal Josh Fishman of the WE: Creative Agency in California for all his teams WordPress programming prowess and dealing with an endless litany of tweaks from us.

Our good buddy Andy Kay of Alovar Technology Solutions who’s been our rock solid network dude, hostmaster and the reason we’re able to serve you kind folks 24/7.

Our number two right-hand man and head line cook Dathan Boardman who’s also a nifty font maker himself who hammered through the site with us making sure every tasty morsel of type was served up just perfectly!

Lastly but not leastly, our newest friend Paul Sirmon of Buzzbomb Creative in friendly Austin Texas who helped create some amazing new graphics to show off our fine typefaces.

After lots of blood, sweat and tears, we’re totally smitten with our new Font Diner, it’s everything we hoped it could be and we’ll continue to keep serving our fine diners! Keep an eye out for some fresh new FREE Silverware fonts and a new Font Set in the coming year that has been in the works much longer than our website but like everything it was well worth the wait! Thank you for your continued support and patronage, we appreciate it every day!

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