One Shiny New Diner Comin’ Up!

Many years ago as the Font Diner was just beginning to blossom, we got a very nice e-mail from a fellow who want to make us a REAL Font Diner. We were skeptical till we realized who it was, the one and only Jerry Berta! For those of you still scratchin’ your head, Jerry for many years owned and ran Rosie’s Diner, famous as the diner featured in these great commercials of the 70s.

Well, it didn’t take us long to say ‘Yes!’ to Jerry and boy were we thrilled to see what he came up with! We ripped open the package and saw  the prettiest sight we’d ever seen! It was our diner complete with pincushion stainless steel and red stools! So stop by and say ‘Hi!’ to Jerry, you’ll be glad you did!

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