Steve Jobs and the Font Diner!

Way back in February of 2002, we were feeling very thankful to Mr. Jobs and Apple for giving us the tools to create the fonts and website you’ve come to know and love so we sent him an e-mail late one evening expressing our appreciation. Ultimately, we never heard back so we figured it likely never got to him…

Fast forward to December of 2010, we were contacted by the fine folks at Apple who had attached a copy of the original e-mail from 2002 in their e-mail to us. We were surprised but delighted to see it and wondered how they came to discover our fan letter from so long ago. As it turns out, it was actually received by Steve who read it and forwarded it along 13 minutes later as evidence by the e-mail header.

While we’d always wanted to meet him in person, knowing that we had 13 minutes of Steve Jobs attention and got to express our thanks to him personally meant a lot to us, and to find out 8 years had elapsed between made this a truly mind-blowing discovery for us.

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