Boo Yah!

That’s right kiddos, it’s time again to celebrate the sooper spooky month of October with the annual Font Diner Spook-O-Rama! We’re extra excited to bring you all sorts of new spooky things to enjoy!

The Brain Eater’s Mother is so covered in ink his own brother doesn’t even recognize her! In the spirit and style of her ubiquitous ink, the Brain Eaters bring you a nifty-cool tattoo typeface ready to be drilled into your personal flesh canvas. Get Tattoo Girl Now!

Short on time? Need a sweet costume? Never fear! You can now enjoy our first ever official Halloween masks! It’s easy, just download and print out our famous Font Diner Chef or the Ghastly Brain Eaters Ghoul and get ready to scare the hell out of the neighbors. Get masked up and get your trick on!

And finally for those of you who missed it last year, we asked the king of ‘B-Movie’ horror flicks, our own Brain Eater Brad Nelson to hand pick the most gory, gruesome, and frightening movies to tickle your brain cells late one evening. So head out to your local video store and enjoy Ten Spooky Movies!

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