Our Catalog Has Finally Arrived!

Almost daily we receive an e-mail from one of our diners asking us if we have a catalog for our growing collection of over 70 fonts. Well my friends, the wait is over!

The Font Diner has come together with some of the best independent font foundries in the industry to bring you Indie-Fonts the ultimate collection of font specimen showings bound in a gorgeous hardback book featuring our entire body of work. Now when you’re bored at the office, you can thumb through this amazing book and drool over each and every letter of our fonts!

The Font Diner has only a limited supply of these babies so we’re offering them to you at a discounted price of $40! With each book you’ll get a sweet CD chock full of great fonts from over 18 foundries plus a personal autograph on your book compliments of us! Order online now!

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