Will Font Diner fonts work on my computer?

You Bet They Will! Our fonts are guaranteed to work with every version of the Macintosh OS from 7.0 on up to the latest OS X release.

Windows users we haven’t forgotten about you! You can install these fonts on all versions of Windows from 3.1 on up through Windows 7 and every Windows OS in between.

What format do the Font Diner fonts come in?

While 99% of our users can easily install and enjoy our fonts in OpenType format and we also include them in TrueType and Postscript formats. Although we highly recommend when installing any fonts on your computer to only install one font format.

Do Font Diner fonts contain international characters?

Yes they do! In fact all our Font Diner fonts feature an expanded display set which includes the basic 128 standard characters (A-Z, a-z, numbers, punctuation, special characters) plus ALL accented international characters, complete currency characters, and common mathematical symbols. Click here to see all the characters our fonts include.

I’m having trouble installing the fonts, what do you suggest?

We’re here to help! Click here to check out our complete guide to downloading and installing our fonts on your computer.

Are there any restrictions on using Font Diner fonts?

Thanks for asking, we’ve compiled a detailed section all about how our licensing works. If you have a question that starts with ‘” then read about what is permitted in our licensing and uses are restricted here.

Can I use the free Silverware fonts in a commercial manner?

You may use the Silverware fonts for free in any private, recreational manner for your own communications, or for personal design work you might do for a friend, such as a birthday party invite, an indie band CD, or a personal website.

But if you plan to use the Silverware fonts in a commercial manner that you will get paid for, or if you are using it for logos, product packaging for other promotional materials printed or online, you must purchase a commercial usage licensed version of the font online at –https://fontdiner.com/buy.html. Got more questions, read about our licensing and usage restrictions here.

I work for a non-profit organization, do I need to pay to use the Silverware fonts?

If you plan to use this font for non-profit, not-for-profit, or charity design work, you may use any Font Diner Silverware font in your design work at no cost provided the non-profit organization sends a sample of the finished work along with a letter acknowledging the donation of a product (value of $99) from the Font Diner. Got more questions, read about our licensing and usage restrictions here.

I really like different fonts from different font sets. Can I mix and match or buy just the ones I want separately?

Sorry, we decided a long time ago that all of the fonts would be sold in sets. The basic reason for this is that commercial fonts generally sell for up to $50 a piece, and we wanted to make sure people could own an assortment of fonts for way less than that. Even if you purchased the set just for one font, you’ll find it to be much less expensive than many other type foundries.