What’s all this licensing stuff about? I thought I was just buying fonts.

When you buy fonts from any font foundry, you’re not buying the fonts at all but really the license to use the fonts on your computer. With every font or font set you purchase and download, the terms of that license are also downloaded with the fonts so you can read about any restrictions for those fonts. Read our entire license agreement here

How many computers can I install my new font sets on?

Instead of licensing our fonts based on the number of computers you have at your location, we license our fonts based on the number of people or ‘end users’ who will be using them. Additionally if you’ve got multiple computers you work on, you’re allowed to install the fonts on up to two computers you use so long as they aren’t in use at the same time.

I have more than five end users I want to buy fonts for, how do I do this?

Easy! Our Rocket Shipping shopping cart automatically calculates the best pricing on ALL our fonts and font sets for your configuration up to 100 end users. Should you need to purchase for more than a 100 users, simply contact us at licensing@fontdiner.com for a custom quote.

So what are the restrictions on the use of these fonts?

In general after you purchase the fonts, you can use the fonts for almost anything you wish in a commercial manner as long as it doesn’t violate the terms of our licensing agreement which you can read here.

Overall, you may not redistribute or resell any of the fonts nor can you modify and resell them as your own work. Beyond that, there are three distinct uses that require additional licensing.

  • Alphabet Or Letterform-Related Products; Personalized Products For Resale Or In Letterform Creation Products Or Devices;
  • Broadcast On Television Cable Or The Internet; Commercial Exhibition, Or Film;
  • Embedding In Electronic Devices; All Gaming Devices;
  • Embedding In Software;

Letter form, Alphabet Products and Personalized Products includes, but are not limited to, scrapbooking uses involving reproductions of individual letterforms, including but not limited to digital alphabets (Alphas); adhesive sticker alphabet products; use in the creation of signage or numbering products; monogram products; rubber stamps; die-cut products, stencil products; tattoo, flash, or converted into software or by other means for the purposes of producing alphabet or letterforms by the use of sewing and/or embroidery machines; die-cut devices and plotters or any other product producing or containing any image of the letterforms or images derived from the design of the Font embodied in the Font Software of which any likeness of the alphabet can be reproduced where the letterform or alphabet product will be distributed or resold; on physical goods, by way of example only, T-shirts personalized for sale. For the purpose of clarity, these restrictions do not apply to laser or inkjet printers used for those purposes generally associated with design, graphic and industrial design or to sign-making facilities provided the end product is a finished, ready to use sign.

Broadcast, Exhibition, Internet and Film Usage includes, but is not limited to the use of the Font Software to create titling and/or credits for any broadcast via television, the Internet and/or cable and/or motion picture distribution and/or exhibition. For use in film or in television broadcasts and where a license has been granted, the terms of any such License are normally limited to an annual broadcast season or the initial release. Unless otherwise provided for, broadcast usage licensing must be renewed prior to following season (whether original or re-rerun, both foreign and domestic) to retain the granted license. Failure to renew a broadcast, exhibition and film usage license is a breach of this license causing significant monetary harm to Font Diner. Additional licensing options are available.

Embedded in Electronic Devices includes, but is not limited to, the use of the Font Software for any on-screen display or in an electronic device. For example, and not by way of limitation, such electronic devices include electronic books, kiosks or gaming devices and some forms of gaming machines. Use of the Font in the creation of or as part of a Company Logo is permitted. Upon the purchase of a license upgrade the Font Software may be embedded and resident within an electronic device provided it cannot be extracted from the device. NOTE: This restriction may not apply to a laptop or notebook depending upon the license you purchased.

The embedding or other use of the Fonts or the outlines thereof, in software or other works distributed electronically and/or via physical media for sale is prohibited under this License. Any such use requires the express written permission by Font Diner and may or may not require the purchase of a license upgrade at the sole discretion of Font Diner.